All I want for Mother’s Day is…

Okay honey (and kids)-listen up. Here’s what I want for Mother’s Day (maybe I speak for some other moms out there). You can go ahead and buy me the last minute drug store chocolate box, but if you really want to move the needle, you’ve got to pay attention to what would really make me happy.

1) Sleep. Leave me alone Sunday morning. Make that Saturday and Sunday. Don’t wake me up to tell me you are going downstairs. Don’t flush the toilet in our bathroom. Don’t scream right outside my door or open the shades. Just tiptoe out of the room, shush the kids and sneak downstairs until I decide to descend. You would get an even bigger gold star if you remember to shut the ringer off the phone in our room.

2) Don’t make me breakfast, but that coffee pot better be on. I will not immediately be ready for breakfast when I decide to join the rest of my family after my long hibernation. I will want coffee, extra strong, with a touch of cream. In fact, just make the pot when you hear my toes touch the floor but leave it for me to prepare my own cup.

3) Buy me flowers. I love fresh flowers and would love to see a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a few picked from our backyard in a vase in the kitchen.

4) Clean up. I don’t want to come downstairs to find a breakfast you made me and the dirty dishes for me to clean after I eat the breakfast. Pick up the toys, newspapers, etc so when I come down stairs, the living room and kitchen are spotless.

5) Read to the kids. I would love to come downstairs to find the kids reading with you rather than watching TV. That would just make me feel so happy. If they have some sports obligation, like t-ball, just take them and have a great time.

6) Walk the dog. Bring a plastic baggie.

7) Call my parents. Wish my mom Happy Mother’s Day and tell her I’ll call later.

8) Do a load of laundry. Don’t mix the colors with the whites.

9) Defrost something for dinner.

I know this all may sound like a lot and some of it may seem trivial, but our schedules are so busy that I am just exhausted all the time. The point is, I would just like to wake up and have absolutely nothing to do but be with you.

10) Okay and I’ll take that manicure too…

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