Can I use my blender instead of a food processor?

Dear Cooks,

I don’t have a food processor. Can I use a blender instead? So many of Rachael’s recipes call for a food processor.



Hi Clare,

You can absolutely use your blender, if it has a sharp blade and is strong, in place of your food processor most of the time. That sounds vague, but here are some instances when you can use the blender instead of the food processor:

  • making pestos
  • making salad dressings
  • pureeing soups
  • making hummus
  • sauces and gravies

We would not recommend using the blender for recipes where you use the shredder or slicer function on the food processor to shred carrots or potatoes, for example.

Make sure you do not blend anything while it is hot or fill up your blender too high as it will splatter all over the place and you could get burned.

Both the blender and the food processor require a certain amount of liquid so if you have something in the blender and the blade seems to be spinning but your food keeps moving off to the sides of the blender and not mixing up, then it needs more liquid. The problem with the blender vs the food processor is really all about the shape. The blender is long and lean so sometimes food or liquids don’t spread out as evenly as in the food processor which makes it harder to move, but if you get a good amount of liquid in there, it should work well. Note: all blenders are not created equal and some blenders are specifically for drinks and others have a wider base and stronger blade, specifically so you can use it for food recipes as well as drinks.

Here’s a bonus product-the Cuisinart food processor and blender in one box, on sale.

Here are some of Rachael’s recipes that use a blender or food processor. In most of these instances, you can use either.

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