Mothers Day Top 5

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we should all take the time to tell our moms and grand moms we love them, right? But what is the right thing to get for them? If your mom is like mine, then every time I spend any significant amount of money on her gift she complains that I spent too much. I get it; she wants me to save my pennies…

So the trick with Mother’s Day more than any other day, is to not get gifts that are too extravagant. Instead, find something that comes from the heart, since that’s what matters most right? So here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas. Let me know what you think.

1. Flowers– who doesn’t love flowers, right? I personally feel that nothing brightens up my digs better than a bouquet or two. But how about putting flowers in something other than a vase? How about a beautiful teapot or even a cool pair of galoshes or gardening shoes?

If you are going to give a potted flower, I recommend orchids – my favorite for indoor longevity.

You can pick these up just about anywhere for under $20, they last for months if you take care of them, and beyond if you REALLY take care of them, and nothing classes up the place more than orchids. Good bang for the buck. I love that.

2. Spa Gift Certificate- Making mom feel well pampered is well worth it – I’m sure all moms out there can agree. Why not buy mom a certificate to a massage or a mani/pedi at a neighborhood spa or salon? I did this once a few years ago and bought my mom a massage, but it was her first one ever in a salon and I thought she might be nervous. So, I bought my dad a massage too, and they both felt much more comfortable. You don’t have to do that, but if you are taking your mom a bit out of the comfort zone with this gift, why not take her and get a little something done yourself and then head to lunch together … that way the anxiety level is nil.

3. Pictures- Last year for Christmas I made an album of family photos for my mom. Rather than pillaging her own collection, I got together with a cousin and an aunt and scanned in a bunch of photos of her and our family that she had never seen (or hadn’t for years). This was a huge hit, my mom was really moved and it was great to sit next to her and go through all of them together. Good times. If you don’t have the time to do all of that research and trolling for pics, I love these new digital picture frames.

They are super cool, and you feel a bit like a magician when you give them to a techno-un-savvy mom or grandma. Make sure before you give this one that you load it up with family photos so there is no work involved. Just plug it in and enjoy.

4. Food – Who doesn’t love food? Since I am no Rachael Ray, I leave the making of delectable goodies to her, but when it comes to buying tasties, I know just where to go. For virtually every occasion perfect for food gifts, I get something from Zingermans . They have some of the tastiest treats around, and there is still time to order and get something delivered for the weekend. If your mom is nearby or you’re an adventurous kid that wants to do something nice for mom, I recommend a breakfast in bed. You can’t go wrong with that. The first time I ever made my mom breakfast in bed, I was probably around 9. I made the mistake of mixing an egg into her drink and was disappointed that she didn’t drink it. Kids, learn from my mistake: eggs are never good in a drink. At least not orange juice …

5. Jewelry or Perfume – If you really know your mom’s taste, feel free to navigate these waters. I find that although every woman really loves both, they can be deeply personal purchases and therefore hit or miss. But if you get it right…it will really knock the socks off mom.

Finally, never forget the card. All moms love heartfelt prose, even if you don’t write it yourself. But try to take a little time and write something really nice in the card. Not just “Happy Day Mom,” which believe me I have gotten plenty of mileage out of. Instead reminisce about a funny time, or special time and remind mom about it in the card. Makes anyone warm and fuzzy. Or, if you know your mom has a favorite poem, verse, or song, buy a blank card, and copy in the text, for another personal touch.

Also, always give of your time on this day. Spend time with mom and if she’s not around definitely give her a call to tell her how much you love her.

Mom…everything I am I owe to you, to your dedication and love. Thank you today and always. I love you!!

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