Chicken Soup incognito

You would think every kid would love a bowl of nice hot chicken soup, right?  What’s not to love?!  I have been making it my whole life and my oldest child absolutely adores the way I do it.  I add a can of whole tomatoes or a tablespoon of tomato paste to give the broth a little richness and flavor.  I guess you could call it Italian style.  Anyway, the other day I made my famous soup and my daughter had THREE bowls.  My picker eater son ate none.  So I strained the soup and took the broth, without any noodles or anything else (did I mention he will only eat spaghetti and not any other pasta shape now?) and poured some into a sippy cup with an ice cube.  I didn’t tell my son what was in there and gave it to him like it was just a regular drink.  He took one sip, made a face that said “what the heck did you just give me?” but then he drank it!

I figured the broth is a pretty important part of the soup.  No, he did not get the nice chunks of chicken or the carrots, but the broth has to contain some nutrients that are good for his body.

You moms of non-picky eaters will read this blog and think I am crazy.  You fellow moms of picky eaters will completely get it!

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