Meatloaf-a winner!

I know this sounds crazy, but I had never made meatloaf before last night, not had I tasted it.  I guess it was one of those things that as a child I didn’t like the idea of so I never got around to tasting.  I don’t think my mom made it too much either, so where else are you going to have it?  Anyway, my kids and I were watching a Stuart Little cartoon where the main plot line involved Mrs Little making 12 meatloaves for a school function.  The meatloaves get stolen, and well, the rest really isn’t important.  But my kids thought it was so funny, that I thought I would try making meatloaf to entice my picky eater.  I know, here I go again using pop culture to influence my kids, but in a positive way, so I can justify it!

Anyway, I took this recipe of Rachael’s for Turkey Meatloaf with Asiago Gravy and Roasted Broccoli and Tomatoes but I simplified it because  I knew my kids would not want the gravy and I didn’t have any Asiago cheese in the house anyway.  However, I made the meatloaf recipe just as Rachael describes here, except instead of 3 slices of bread (I cut the recipe in half and made one loaf using one pound of ground turkey), I used a bread-oatmeal combo.  I had heard other moms say that they always put oatmeal in their meatloaf so I decided to try it.

The meatloaf was a hit.  I told my picky eater son that it was hamburger when the whole Stuart Little reference in the end failed to entice him.  I served it with steamed broccoli and I must say, this wound up being a pretty healthy meal!

Try this one with your family, it’s delish!

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