Dr Greene, an amazing man!

I have been a huge fan of Dr Alan Greene’s website,, ever since my child was a newborn and I was crazy with fear over her eczema. This was about 5 years ago and at the time, Dr Greene was doing something that I now realize was really revolutionary. He was offering live chats and he actually was accessible. I mean, specifically he was reachable and I got to indeed chat with him about my daughter’s condition. His tone was soothing, yet professional and informative. I have checked back on his site over the years now and again when I have wanted to look up information about either of my kids. I like his tone and attitude and the information on the site is easy to follow.

Little did I know, but beyond being a regular pediatrician extraordinaire, as if that wasn’t enough, he is also really into kids and nutrition, specifically the issues of obesity and organics. I recently picked up a copy of his free pamphlet, Dr Greene’s Organic RX ,which is also available on his website. He made a list of the 10 foods, if you were to go organic, you should try first and in what order. I like his approach because he doesn’t just think about what’s best for your body, but also what’s best for the environment. So which non-organic foods are currently the most harmful to our land and air based on the way they are treated with pesticides.

I found this booklet to be eye-opening and thought you’d all like to take a look. While it’s not easy for all of us to buy organic all the time, as it tends to be expensive and not always so easy to find, the prices are coming down and the products are becoming more widely available so it is good to at least be educated as to which ones are most important, even if you could only go organic some of the time.

We started using organic milk about a year ago and that is the one thing I can honestly say we almost always continue to buy. I can’t find organic meats too readily but I at least feel better knowing that if I can find produce or meats, that I should consider them and why. I also like his little bonus note on wine. Who knew?!

-Last Minute Lady

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