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Guilty by Association!!

Some kids are picky, true, but the within the picky eater’s club, there are types.  I once knew a kid who would only eat things that were light brown or beige, like chicken nuggets, pasta and toast.  Then there’s the eclectic, yet picky eater who will eat some foods that are good for him, but sticks to one thing at a time and is very particular about it.  Take my son, for example, who went through a phase with carrots, where he would eat about three a day, but they had to be long and and raw.  He wouldn’t eat the baby kind, wouldn’t eat them cooked and wouldn’t eat them shredded or chopped.  For all sorts of reasons we worry about our picky eaters and we try to desperately get them to try new foods.  Battles will be lost, by us, most of the time, and if you aren’t buying into the food disguise method, here are some suggestions for offering foods that are so similar to the ones your kid might be eating, that they just might feel comfortable enough to try them.

If your kid loves…….                          Then try………………

Rice                                                     Brown rice, farro, barley, orzo

Peas                                                    Edamame, lima beans

Pasta                                                   Whole wheat capellini (it’s harder for them to tell it’s different)

Carrots                                                Parsnips

Milk                                                     Smoothies, yogurt shakes

Ice cream                                            Frozen fruit, frozen yogurt

Oatmeal                                              Kashi, cooked barley

Chicken nuggets                                 Breaded pork cutlets

Hamburgers                                        Veggie burgers

Pizza                                                    Whole wheat crusted pizza with veggies

Broccoli                                               Mix it with cauliflower, broccoli rabe

Spinach                                               Kale, collard greens, swiss chard

Apples                                                 Pears, Asian pears, jicama

These are just some ways to introduce your child to new foods that have worked, at times, in our household.  Don’t be discouraged if your child goes on a corn bender, remind yourself that it is corn!  As long as you look back at the entire day and make sure he/she is getting a balanced variety of foods throughout the day, then if one meal is all veggies or fruit and crackers. you’re still doing well.

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