The garden is growing-update photos

I decided to build a real garden this year, well as real as it can get in my tiny backyard. If you have been reading my posts, you will see how we started by conditioning the soil. That was a few weeks ago at least, maybe even longer.

As a step two, I took my daughter and her buddy Morgan (both 5 years old) and went to the market to choose some seeds. We picked all kinds of seed packets. My experience in the past in planting seeds was disasterous so I figured these seeds would be just as harmless and I allowed the girls to take control of two packets each. Then I gave them each a pot with some soil and had them plant the seeds from one packet into the one pot. Then I took them and the other packet of seeds and gave them a little plot of land in the garden and showed them how to make rows for their plants and drop just a few seeds in each spot and leave some space within the row for the next seed drop. Needless to say, the girls had a good time planting their seeds….I believe Morgan had basil and cherry tomatoes and Anna (my daughter) had peas and eggplant. But I actually can’t remember…

Meanwhile, I carefully made rows in my dirt plots and planted neat rows of carrots, spinach, squash, cukes, broccoli, watermelon and tomatoes. In pots I planted oregano and chives.

The basil today:

Now it’s a few weeks later and alot warmer and sunnier. I was just thinking that none of my seeds was going to produce anything when all at once EVERYTHING started to show signs of life. Each plant has its own characteristics and each sprout is very different. Some of the plants are really growing fast, especially the broccoli, peas and squash, while others are taking their own sweet time. The little carrot greens are starting to look like carrot greens and I can just imagine what they will look like when they are full grown! I can’t wait because my son is a regular ole Bugs Bunny.

The funny part is that I can’t really remember what we planted in which pot! So as things are starting to emerge, I have no idea what they are! I can sort of guess which ones the girls did as the growth tends to be clumped into one small area of the pot, but the truth is, seeds planted by a 5-year old or those planted by a careful adult – it doesn’t seem to matter-they are all growing! It’s doesn’t seem to take much. I am pretty sure my daughter put peas in one of the pots because I have a vague recollection of the peas rolling all over the driveway and landing in various places in the ground. Now I am finding an occasional random pea plant in the garden by the curb!

The peas, I think:

No idea what this plant is…any ideas?

I think my next challenge will be to keep the little critters away-squirrels and raccoons are already casing the joint!

Check out this broccoli, grown from seed!

***This is a follow up post to the initial post. A few people have asked that I post close-ups so the plants are easier to identify. Here are my mystery plants:

Mystery plant #1:

Mystery plant #2: (this may be oregano):

Mystery plant #3:

I know that one is hard to see but it is interesting how the stalks are these long and skinny things sticking straight up in the air!

Mystery plant #4:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Here’s an updated photo of Mystery Plant #1, still a mystery:

I’ve decided #2 is oregano, because I finally wised up and just tasted a leaf (duh)!  Here’s an updated photo:

#3 are chives

#4 I believe is a cherry tomato plant, but I am not totally sure yet.

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