Sexy Summer Hair

What guy doesn’t love long glamorous, feminine hair! And, with summer around the corner and soft waves gracing so many magazine covers, it’s the perfect time to bust out those waves. Remember curls respond to moisture and I say if you can’t beat the humidity… join it! Put the straightening irons back into the cupboards and let the summer’s air enhance your waves.

As much as we love those suds a cream based shampoo is gentler for your hair and will make those curls respond. If your hair is dry it’s okay not to shampoo the day you want the best waves. The natural oil in your hair will enhance the movement.

Before styling, prep with a curly hair enhancing cream like Cutler Curling Cream or for fine hair Redken Curl Boost. Start the style by twisting two inch sections around your fingers to define and shape the curl. The bigger the sections the looser the curl. Then, diffuse your hair or allow it to air dry naturally. Once it is eighty percent there gently separate with your fingers. Within ten minutes you will have soft, sexy waves straight from the red carpets.

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