Spring Cleaning Part 2 – Hide the Clutter

OK, so most people are done with their spring cleaning and I, sadly, am only on part 2 – oh well – slow and steady wins the race as they say. In any event, I had a spare hour or so this weekend and decided to tackle the kids’ rooms and the family room. I focused on editing toys, art supplies, etc. and getting them organized. I went through each room, methodically – I think that is the key to avoiding getting sidelined, sticking to the task and not getting sucked into reading my daughter’s valentines from kindergarten when I am supposed to be going through her toy box. I threw out anything broken or missing parts (ie, markers with no tops, coloring books that were all colored), made a pile of items that they didn’t use to be given away, and tried to put sets and games together with all of their parts.

 I made one investment for this project and bought some fabric storage cubes at Target (of course) that are inexpensive (a set of 2 is $12.99), and come in great colors.

I used them in my son’s room to store “guys,” cars, etc. and they slid right into the bookshelf.  My daughter used hers to store all of her doll clothes that had been crammed into a too-small box and I also used them in the family room to neatly store art supplies. I am sure they will soon be in every room of my house – but at that price, it’s almost doable.

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