A great Rachael salad recipe

This weekend, we had surprise guests.  Literally the phone rang at 2:30 and my friends, who were supposed to come at 6 for dinner, asked if they could come at 3:30 instead since they had forgotten they had a committment and had to leave our house by 6.  So we agreed that it would still be fun to see them and that we would do a quick backyard BBQ with just hotdogs and sausages on the grill.

But that’s never enough, so I pulled a fennel bulb out of the fridge and a bunch of celery.  I looked up and found this recipe from Rachael Ray –Fennel and Celery Slaw Salad-and made it my own:

Instead of white vinegar, I used the juice of one lemon.  I added 1/2 cup chopped and pitted Kalamata and Sicilian olives.  I used mostly the heart of the celery as well as some of the stalks.  This recipe was delicious!

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