Clean your car the “green” way

Now that the weather is warmer, I see more and more people washing their cars in their driveways. I, for one, love to wash my car myself and get rid of the dirt, grease, salt and grime that it picks up throughout the week. To preserve the life of your car, you are supposed to wash it at least once a month.

You should not use dish detergent or other soaps that you would normally use to wash anything inside the house. Remember, those are designed to cut grease and they will take the nice waxy finish right off your vehicle. I learned that one by trial and error when I washed my car with Dawn and it wound up with a dull finish. It sure took the grease out of my way!

Washing your car at home it is not the most earth-friendly thing you can do, unfortunately. First of all, many of the car soap products on the market today are toxic. Secondly, even if you used no soap and just gave it a rinse and a wipe down with a chammie, the grease, gasoline, etc that comes off your car can run off into your garden or down the drain. Interestingly, it is more earth-friendly to have your car washed at a real car wash than to do it yourself. When you wash your car at home, you use significantly more water, for one. But secondly there are government rules that require car washes to dispose of their dirty water through sewers so the water gets filtered before it gets used by people. If you wash your car at home, the run off doesn’t go through the sewer most likely, but it goes down the drainage system that spits out into rivers and lakes.

If you do have to wash at home, there are some products that are environmentally friendly, so putting the water waste issue aside, the toxins would not be a concern. Go to these websites for a variety of products:

Eco Touch

Simple Green

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