Coloring hair the way nature intended

As we all know, summer can play tricks on our hair color. The biggest challenge is color fadeage from the sun. Sure, blondes have it easier than redheads but that doesn’t mean we all need to be a blonde.

Wouldn’t it be great if the sun actually enhanced your color? One little trick to overcome the effects is to work with it the way mother nature intended. This is by keeping it lighter on the ends and darker on the roots, no matter the color.

How to achieve it? Ask you colorist to put random lighter highlights that are tone on tone towards the end. That way, when the sun hits it, all it’s going to do is further enhance the look. And, by applying highlights a little more randomly on the ends you will be able to enjoy the sun with out fear of ruining your color.

The upside is at the moment it’s actually okay to have darker roots and it’s a quite interesting fashion statement. A great example is Gisele where her roots are darker and they blend down lighter towards the ends.

The beauty of this is that it works for all hair colors from blondes to reds. It’s really a great effective way to keep your color low maintenance and allow you to enjoy the sun and create some interest on the ends. And, because we are not worried about the roots being darker it mean less visits to the hair salon.

Gisele Bundchen:

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