Too Hot to Bake!

When it reaches in the 90’s and in some place, the 100’s, you can’t even dream of putting the oven or stove on, so what do you do when you are having guests over for dinner and you want to serve dessert?!  Here are some easy peasy Rachael Ray recipes that will help you get dessert on the table without breaking a sweat!

Full Moon Sundaes

Serve these decadent desserts in individual glass dishes.

Angelic Cake and Berries

Using store-bought angel food cake, you can save the oven for later.

Root Beer Bomb

This one’s for adults only as it contains rum, but you can omit the rum for a kid’s version.

Chocolate Mint Parfaits

Same as above

Individual Italian Meringue Trifle

Mini Mud Sandwiches

Cran-Applesauce Sundaes

Pictures above, these guys do require the use of the microwave or the stove, but it’s quick!

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