Having two twin boys the age of five, trust me I know the benefits of chlorine!

The reality of it is there is no love between hair and chlorine. What chlorine does is acts like a mild bleaching agent when it hits the water. This can oxidize the hair’s surface making it more porous and dry feeling. In some pools, copper sulfate (blue) is added to kill algae and this salt interacts with chlorine to form copper chloride (yellow green) which can be absorbed to give blond or white hair that green color.

Below are a few simple tricks that will at least diminish the havoc chlorine can have on your hair. Remember, there is nothing sexy about green hair!

• Before entering the pool, rinse your hair with cool water. It will lock in the water and seal the cuticle and create a barrier between the hair shaft and the chlorine.

• Obviously wearing a swim cap is not the best way to attract your future husband but either is walking around with chlorinated dry hair. Have no shame… don the cap.

• If you do brave it, layer a thick conditioner like Cutler Intensive Conditioner on your hair under cap to help add that barrier of protection.

• For those of your who just cannot bring themselves to throw one on… apply a protectant sun oil on your hair after you rinse it with cool water. Use Frederic Fekkai’s Summer Hair Sunshine Shield Spray.

• Rinse with clear water after leaving the pool so you don’t sit in the sun with chlorine water in your hair. If you can, cover your hair from sun.

• Once you are done with the sun, cleanse your hair as soon as possible with a chelating shampoo which removes minerals like Redken Hair Cleansing Cream.

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