How do I flip fried eggs?

Dear cooks,

My friend likes his eggs over medium and I usually cook 3 eggs in a 7 or 8 in. skillet, but the whites are so thin, they are hard to flip and then the yolks break. πŸ™  Also, are eggs over medium the same as poached?

From the Cooks:

It’s hard to flip two eggs, let along three at one time. First make sure your pan is sufficiently oiled with butter, cooking spray or EVOO. I would try doing two at a time because you can crack then in the pan, shake the pan a bit to get the two yolks over to one side and then leverage the weight of the yokes to help you with your flip. Three puts the whole thing off balance. Maybe your friend could have two instead of three at once?

Eggs over, whether it’s over easy, over medium or sunny side up are not the same as poached at all. Poached eggs are raw eggs that are cracked into gently boiling water either loosely or in a poaching dish.

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