What should we make for Daddy?

Mommy asks her 5 – year old son, “What should we make for Daddy this Father’s Day to eat?”

The son, named Marco says, “Breakfast. Pancakes. Pancake People. Circle pancakes with blueberry eyes, noses and mouths. Also strong coffee, orange juice and sausages.”

Mommy says, “That sounds lovely. What about for lunch?”

Marco says, “We should make him a hamburger on the grill, but this time we will do the grilling because all of his meals are surprises. Daddy loves potato salad too so let’s make that. Then for dinner, we should make chili because Daddy loves chili but this time with only veggies because he had the hamburger at lunch. Oh and then for dessert we’ll make him a biiiig cake.”

Mommy, “Um, okay.  Sounds like you have it all under control, so I’ll just go get him the paper!”

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