Glass bottled milk

Lucky me-this past week an ad appeared in my local paper advertising “Nick the Milkman.” I thought back to my childhood and the guy who used to pull into our driveway each week in his little truck, wearing the milkman hat and coat and delivering farm fresh eggs and milk to our door. I couldn’t believe that someone like this might still exist, but intrigued, I called Nick to find out the dealio.

Nick, as it turns out, may not wear the uniform (I actually wouldn’t know because he drops off the milk at 4am), and instead of a metal milk box he uses an insulated plastic bag for drop off, but he is otherwise almost exactly the same as the man who came to my door when I was a child. Nick drops off farm fresh, hormone and pesticide free milk in glass bottles twice a week. After speaking to him I signed up and now get milk delivered twice a week.

First of all, there is something comforting in the thought of Nick dropping off milk while I sleep. It’s like someone bringing one of those Zone meals to my door, only it’s real food. I love the idea that Nick is out there, working on my behalf, while I sleep. It’s like he’s taking care of me. And there’s a little present when I get up-no waiting in line at the supermarket, no heavy bags of milk to carry.

But that’s not the most important thing, of course. The milk is amazing. I never realized what a difference the glass bottle makes, but the taste is completely different. We get 2% and this is so rich and creamy, it tastes almost like whole milk.

If you could find this kind of service in your town, I highly recommend it! And in the end, he is cheaper than what I would pay for organic milk at the supermarket. Next I will try his eggs and cheese and maybe someday we will fulfill our dream of buying a deep freeze and storing meats that we buy from an organic and pasture-fed farm too. Between the garden and the milkman, we might not have to spend so much at the grocery store this summer!

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