Looking for a change… What should I do?

The single most asked question I get in the salon other than “Is Rachael Ray as nice in person as she is on her show?” (and the answer is absolutely) is “If you can do anything with my hair what would it be?” The real answer to that question is that it is all in the client’s hands. It’s what I call the feel good, look good factor. What is the look that will make you feel confident and sexy?

Other than plastic surgery… (ouch!), changing your hair is one of the biggest changes you can do for yourself in the shortest period of time.  What I need to know to do my job of designing a hairstyle that’s right for you is what is going to make you feel confident, sexy and comfortable. My philosophy has always been that while trends are important it’s more important that you have a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle, is easy to maintain, affordable for you to keep up and above all, the most important, makes you feel great.  My motto – be aware of fashion don’t be a slave to it.

It’s not always about how much hair we cut off.

There are times in our lives when we feel that we are ready for change and there are times where we feel it would be the worst thing to do. As a hairdresser our job is to help you identify those moments.

Keep in mind, some of the smallest things can have the biggest impact on the end result. Whether it is adding bangs to your hair, a few layers or subtle highlights. It doesn’t always have to be the big changes.

The great thing about fashion at the moment is anything goes. There is not one particular look. So, it should not be difficult to find a hair style that makes you feel good and is fashionable.

We are saturated by inspiring influences like Katie Holmes and there becomes an obsession with these new looks. On that note, I encourage all of my clients bring in photos so I can better understand what their desires are for their hair.

The message is that as much as trends are important it’s more important to have a hairstyle that makes you look and feel good. Over the next few weeks I am going to help you identify some of the questions that will help you make better decisions with your hair.

FYI – Don’t be shamed to bring in a picture… it makes our job easier in understanding what you like.

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