The mystery plant grows

As you may have read in my previous blogs about my garden, I have planted so many seeds this year that I have at least one plant that I can’t identify. All of the seeds I planted in the ground are now thriving. Take a look at my beautiful zucchini plants which are just now starting to flower-see the yellow blossom:

Aren’t they gorgeous?!?! They are going to get unwieldy soon but then we’ll have beautiful squashes. Speaking of which, I also have eggplant and cukes growing in the garden (or they will be) and I just bought them short ladders. Even though you don’t need them and you can let your squashes and other plants just wind around the garden, they will grow better with small ladders or propped up somehow. They’ll get more air and have less of a chance of rotting or getting eaten by bugs and worms.

Okay back to the mystery plant. I planted these seeds in a pot and they have been growing strong-in fact I just transplanted them to the ground today because they were getting too crowded. However, I still have NO IDEA what the heck I am growing but now I am growing alot of it. Any ideas???

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