Picnic ideas for kids who don’t like sandwiches

We are into our second week of summer vacation (and yes, it’s barely mid-June – summer seems to get longer and longer, which is good and bad…) and we have already had four picnic lunches. I am not talking beautiful picnic basket with cloth napkins, wine and fine cheeses but we’re going to the zoo and don’t want to buy lunch there and we’re meeting friends in 20 minutes so throw some food in the cooler and run out the door picnics. I’ve run out of bread twice since school ended, where as during the year I maybe go through half a loaf each week since the kids are in school most of the time.

I was having one of these haphazard picnic lunches today with some friends where three out of the nine kids didn’t like sandwiches. They had some great ideas for lunches for kids who don’t like sandwiches, which I am going to try for my kids as well as they are going to be pretty tired of turkey sandwiches (dry – yuck) on wheat by the end of the month:

-cheese and whole grain crackers with fruit and raw veggies

-peanut butter in a tupperware (my friend even had a single serve Jiff peanut butter today that her daughter was eating with a spoon) with apples, bananas, pretzels, or crackers to dip

-pasta salad in a tupperware (hold the mayo)

-a sandwich without the bread – i.e., turkey or ham and cheese roll-ups (today my daughter inhaled about 10 slices of pepperoni from the deli)

-think breakfast for lunch – this week I had no food and we brought bags of dry cereal, yogurt tubes, raisins and sliced strawberries

Happy picnicking!

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