Boqueria NYC-great Spanish food

Yesterday I took some work colleagues to a restaurant in NYC called Boqueria (on West 19th st). I had been there for dinner with Adam Perry Lang and his wife, Fleurry, once before, but as you can imagine, because Adam knew the chef, we got the royal treatment. I love going out to eat with restaurant guys, because they will inevitably take you to a place where they know the owner or know something about the restaurant and once the word spreads that they are in the joint, the fellow chef takes the opportunity to shower his comrade with affection in the form of food. It’s partly the chef’s chance to show off, but in a sincere way, and partly a way for these guys to treat each other to something special. Plates of Serrano hams, cheeses and olives came our way to start, then salt cod on toast, fresh octopus grilled ever so slightly and still soft and moist, marinated tuna and the list of delicacies goes on to include a vast combination of Tapas dishes as well as salads, sandwiches and other delicacies.

Yesterday, however, I went back to Boqueria for lunch, which by the way, I prefer. It wasn’t crowded at all, we didn’t need a reservation, and the food came to us relatively quickly. This time, my colleague ordered quail’s eggs which were cooked sunny side up and delivered to us on a small piece of toast with a slice of salted ham or bacon in between. How cute are these guys?:

Really tasty too-I highly recommend or you can make something like this at home with chicken eggs, fried ham and toasted baguette slices.

We ended the meal with Churros con Chocolat, which is a classic Spanish dessert. Think donut sticks and a cup of warm chocolate pudding. But I can’t even really compare churros to donuts-they are like night and day.

I needed a nap after that lunch!

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