Garlic Scapes

Well, I got my first vegetable delivery from our new CSA that we just joined. This is our vegetable package and I have to say at first impression, I am very satisfied! First we got an email stating what foods we would be receiving for the week and a few recipes to go along with the list. This week we got red kale, some kind of cabbage, lettuces and garlic scapes. I never thought garlic scapes had an actual name, I just thought they were this thing that grew in my parents’ backyard that smelled like garlic. Who knew they were actually food. The recipe says we can use them in soups or cooking or if feeling adventurous, diced raw into salads. I think I will use them as I would a scallion.

According to the Washington Post, the scape if left to grow, would produce a bulb that eventually would become the garlic head we know and love.

Has anyone else cooked with them?

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