The Cheese Board

Recently, I had a visit with a friend who put together a delicious cheese board. In fact, here it is:

You gotta love the camera phones! It’s like walking around with an extra cartridge for your memory. Anyway, I digress. My friend filled this lovely plate with aged Goudas, blue cheese, camembert and other hard and soft cheeses. She served these with slices of baquette bread and that bread with the fruit and nuts in it, which I think is the perfect accompaniment to a soft and mild cheese such as a brie. Grapes, olives and hot peppers completed the tray and she added a bottle of honey as a condiment for the cheese and breads.

I looked at this gorgeous tray and decided that something like this might work for my son, the picky eater. Only for his tray, I would not have olives or super hot peppers, but I would have all kinds of nuts (he does love nuts), crackers, cheeses, salamis and sausages, apple slices, grapes, raisins and maybe some carrot sticks. The key here is to give him a tray of variety and choices so he could have fun grazing and sharpening his cocktail party skills at the same time (that’s supposed to be funny). I figured if I snuck some new items onto the tray, wedged in between his old favorites, like carrots and peanuts, then maybe he’d give them a try.

Now all he needs is a mint julep!

Rachael’s soft cheeseboard

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