Cabbage Patch

We got our first CSA delivery this week for veggies and in it were two glorious heads of this cabbage:

which I think is called Chinese cabbage. After thoroughly washing the head, I decided to try this recipe of Rachael’s for Savoy Cabbage and Toasted Caraway Seeds. Even though this is not Savoy cabbage and not nearly as sturdy, the result was amazing. I kept wanting to add either sesame oil for an Asian flavor or some bacon or sausage as a compliment. However, I didn’t want to mix Asian flavors with the caraway seeds and I was going for a meatless night, so I kept it simple. The result was fantastic. This recipe is easy and full of flavor, even without the bay leaf, which I did not have on hand.

If you are wondering why cabbage is a good veggie to add to your list of nutritious foods, consider that the vitamin C levels in this plant are very high. So in addition to being a great tasting and versatile veg, it is good for you.

You can go any number of ways with cabbage. Here are some of Rachael’s recipes using cabbage:

Cabbage and Straw The “straw” is the fettucine!

Moo Shu Chicken Patties with Seared Napa Cabbage

Red Cabbage, Beet and Currant Slaw Salad 

Seared Sesame Scallops and Teriyaki Steak with Seared Cabbage 

John’s Citrus Fish, Savoy Cabbage and Couscous with Peas and Chives

Knockwurst and Red Cabbage Stoup

Millionaire Rotisserie Chicken Salad

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