Fast and easy breakfast ideas?

HI I’m a construction worker and I would like somthing better for breakfast than sausage and biscuit from the store in the morning.  I do like cooking but in the morning time is short { I leave at dark o clock} so I need somthjng quick to fix… can you help?-Paul

Hi Paul,

We have tons of breakfast ideas.  Here are a few that are fast and easy:

Good for you:

Smoothies -no cooking involved!

Super Size Healthy Breakfast Sandwiches

Really easy:

Almond Orange Crescent Rolls 

Peanut Butter, Apple and Honey Wafflewich 

Veggies for Breakfast-Bunny Spread 

Egg dishes:

Wild Mushroom Frittata

Ludia’s BLD Toast and Scramble Eggs 

Cowboy Hash and Eggs, Texas Toast and Salsa 

Birds in a Nest with Blankets 

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