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Now that summer is here and kids have more time on their hands, it is important that they spend it outside with their friends and family and not inside in front of the t.v. or computer screen.  Sometimes, the simplest of activities will create lasting memories and allow your child to learn and grow as a person.  Here are some affordable and easy activities that you can do with your child to keep them busy this summer:

  • After dinner take a walk around the block at least once.  It’ll still be light out and you can walk off some of your meal.
  • Plant a garden either in your backyard or in pots.  You can purchase seed packets for a few dollars or start with a small her, flower or vegetable plant.  It’ll be fun for your child to care for the plant and watch it grow and bloom.
  • Hit the town pool, or if your town doesn’t have one, go to the nearest one.  If crowds aren’t your thing, find out when the pool opens and go early.  Chances are, the pool won’t get really crowded until mid-day.
  • Find the closest farmers’ market and bring your own empty bag!  Better yet, find a nearby farm and pay a visit. This will allow your child to learn all about the locally grown foods.
  • Dine alfresco. Try this either in your own backyard or pack a picnic and go to the local park for a little outdoor dining.
  • Ride, don’t drive.  If you have somewhere to go, try riding bikes or walking for a change.  You’ll save on gas and parking and work in a little extra exercise at the same time.
  • Get out the cards and games.  Even if you have games that have been around for a while, trying them at different stages in your child’s life will yield different results.  Plus, if you have a few classics that everyone loves, like Scrabble or Boggle, they never get old.
  • Dance around the sprinkler or buy a kiddie pool.  It’s amazing how a little dunk in cold water will refresh you!
  • Cook with your kids!  See Yum-o!’s website for advice and recipes.

Here are some more tips for cutting back on screen time and how to get the best results.

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