Baking Soda, an essential cleaning tool

I happen to notice recently that each box of baking soda, depending on the brand, has a different list of uses.  If you look at them all, you realize this is one impressive box of powder! I couldn’t begin to explain to you why this mineral does what it does, but I can give you examples of what it does:

Baking Soda can put out fires.  Remember in grade school you made the handy fire safety kits?  I had to take a coffee can and fill it with non other than baking soda and was told to keep it by the stove in case something caught on fire.  Throwing baking soda on the fire would put it out (apparently).  I can’t recommend this as a serious fire extinguisher, but it’s a good thing to know, just in case.

Baking soda can be fun! Baking soda and vinegar, especially when mixed with food coloring, make a great fake lava fall or a witches’ brew for kids who like to make some fun in the kitchen!

Baking soda is a natural way to clean and disinfect many items.

Your mouth.  Recently I was visiting my dentist who was telling me about the best way to keep my gums clean.  She said to keep a box of good ole’ baking soda handy in the bathroom and mix it with water or hydrogen peroxide to make a paste.  Use the paste and brush my teeth and gums with it, swish it around with some water and rinse out for a clean and effective mouthwash.

Your tub or sink. Ever look at the side of a can of sink scrubbing powder?  It’s scented baking soda.  Take regular baking soda, sprinkle it on your sink or tub and scrub away.

Laundry. If you throw 1/3 cup of baking soda in your wash cycle, it will help your laundry detergent work better, help eliminate odors, and soften fabrics.

The fridge. We all know a box of baking soda in the fridge will help eliminate odors, and it will.  So will a sprinkle on your rugs or on your furniture or even in your litter box.  Baking soda will help eliminate the odors in the rug and furniture and will also help absorb the spill.

Fruits and Veggies.  I like this idea of cleaning veggies without harsh soaps.  You  just mix a little bit with water and scrub the fruits and veggies and rinse them clean.

Your bod.  Sprinkle a little baking soda into your bath tub for a relaxing soak that also lifts off oil and dirt from your body.  Ever get one of those fizzy bath balls?  Look at the ingredients next time and I bet you’ll see sodium bicarbonate!

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