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Rhonda Tidmore Says:

I am so glad to get a chance to ask Rodney Cutler a hair question. I have long, course, thick hair. I have never been able to find the perfect style for my type of hair or my face. I have tried short, long and all the in between. Nothing is ever right. I occasionally perm and color also. If you ever want the challenge of your career Mr. Cutler and if Rachael would ever do a segment on hair disasters, let me send you pics of my hair and see if you can give me a hair style that works. Help! Sincerely, Rhonda

Rodney responds:

Rhonda, my recommendation is to actually work and try to bring out the natural texture in your hair. If your hair is long, try adding some layers and more moisture. Use curl enhancing styling products like Cutler Curling Cream. Also, I would use a medium to large size curling iron and gently wrap 1 – 2 inch sections around the outside of the iron to create a defined curl. If you don’t want to use a curling iron wrap 1 – 2 inch sections around your finger and let dry naturally. It’s easy and you will find your hair will look healthier and shiny with more style. Good Luck! Let me know how it goes.

Johnette Boone Says:

I need help with my hair!!!!!!!!! I am 43 and have type 2 diabetes. My hair is very oily! I mean very, very oily! I can wash my hair in the morning and by supper time it is oily. Is it because of my diabetes or the meds or can it be what I’m eating or the kinda shampoo I use. I have tried salon types of shampoos as well as Suave so, what do I do? I can perm my hair and the oil will go wavy for about 3 to 5 months, then it will be oily again. I really hate my hair and dont know what to do!

Rodney responds:

The Research and Development team at Redken were kind of enough to help us with this one. Some shampoos may leave polymers or silicones on the hair which may make the hair slippery but not “oily” or “greasy”. By putting curl in the hair with a perm, it stops the “wicking” of oil along the fiber (spreading).

Without getting too medical, (we will leave that to the doctors) and we’ll stick to the cosmetics. Using Redken Cleansing Shampoo, concentrate on the scalp by massaging in a circular motion using the balls of your fingers to extract the oils. In the middle of the day if it starts to get oily use a spray powder shampoo like Bumble and Bumbles Hair Powder at the roots to have a pick-up which should clean the hair and absorb any oil flow.

Elizabeth Says:

I think I need my hair short but I’m not sure. Everyone says it looks good short but I like it long- any ideas?… Oh, and my face shape is a heart. Please help me!

Rodney responds:

Ultimately you need to have a style you feel great about. If you don’t feel comfortable with short hair you shouldn’t cut it. There are ways you can incorporate a strong, short silhouette with length in the inside so you feel great and it suits your face shape. Remember with a heart shape don’t taper it too short around your neck.

Susan Says:

I don’t know what to do- I want my hair short but wherever I go, everyone says, “your hair looks so good long,” but I just feel like it’s dragging down my face. Also, what shampoo do you recommend because right now I use Fructis or something and it just seems so stringy. Do you know what to do?

Rodney responds:

There are ways to retain length but not have it look like it’s dragging your face down. If you had layers starting around the cheek bone it will accentuate them, open up your face and bring out your eyes. We believe sexy hair is healthy hair. So if your hair is color-treated hair try Cutler Extra Gentle Shampoo or Redken Color Extend. If it is not colored, use Cutler Daily Shampoo which will help add a bit of bounce to it.

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