Grilling Peaches

Last weekend I grilled peaches. I started by taking some firm peaches and cutting them in half and removing the pit. Then I dipped them in Jello powder (most people use brown sugar) and grilled them face down for about 5 minutes, right next to my kebobs on the grill. I had seen Adam Perry Lang do something like this but I got it all wrong. I think you are really supposed to macerate the peaches for a while. Here’s how he cooked them on the Open House show Rachael did on Food Network. I was there to sample them and they were delish!

They just didn’t come out too sweet when I tried. I tried Rachael’s recipe for Grilled Stone Fruit with Balsamic and Black Pepper Glaze and that was very good for a dessert dish with a kick. It seems like the common theme here is to either grill them and then give them a drizzle of some sweet syrup or soak them first and then grill them. Either way, you have to start with fresh and sweet peaches.

Here’s a video Adam did on grilling peaches for the California Peach, Plum and Nectarine Board 

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