15 Minute Meals

Too tired and too hot to spend much time at the stove these days?  Thankfully Rachael has created these 15 Minute Meals, as if 30 minutes wasn’t fast enough!

15 Minute Paella

Using cous cous instead of rice speeds up the cooking time of this paella.

15 Minute Surf & Turf

This dish is light and delicious.

15 Minute Skillet Tamale Pie

You won’t believe how easy this tamale pie is, and so full of delicious flavors of the Southwest.

Chicken Parmigiano Soup

Ready in 15 minutes, this soup is a hearty meal!

Five-Spice Sesame Tuna and Avocado

There is hardly any cooking involved in this recipe, so you’ll be sitting down to eat a gourmet meal in no time!

Pasta with Tomato Raw Sauce

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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