Feed Your Hair!

Seeing as I’m surrounded by food experts I thought I’d pay homage and share with you the health benefits of what we consume and how it affects us on the outside as opposed to in. We’ve seen an integration of our shopping carts fused into our shampoo bottles. These days our hair care products are chock full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, natural fruit extracts and botanicals. Fruits have a tremendous amount of antioxidants, they are a rich source of vitamins and they have moisturizing, healing and protective qualities. These ingredients in our hair care products may sound so enticing one might think they’re at Jamba juice but remember… these products are NOT edible!

The Guava fruit is very rich in Vitamin’s A, B and C. It is a source of natural fiber and ideal for hair care. Try Aussie’s Tizz No Frizz gel (buy here: Aussie Sydney Smooth Styling Tizz No Frizz Gel Tube , 7-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4)), which gives frizz its walking papers! Coming from this Aussie, Australian guava is a wonderful source of moisture, shine and frizz control.

Just down the road, the kiwi fruit, another fruit rich in vitamins, contains a large amount of vitamin C and E. Kiwis hold incredible conditioning properties which are ideal for hair. The natural extract of vitamin E is rejuvenating & protective against hair color fade & damage. Try Artec’s Kiwi Colorflector (buy here:L’Oreal Artec Kiwi Coloreflector Shampoo and Conditioner Liter set (32 oz Each Bottle)) conditioner.

Avocado oil is extremely moisturizing and contains penetrating properties perfect for Cutler’s Protectant Treatment Spray (buy here: Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray). Protecting our hair’s integrity against the traumas of heat styling. Cutler’s definition cream (buy here: Cutler Definition Cream for Texture and Shine) saturated with avocado oil adds texture and shine while retaining the beneficial moisturizing properties of the avocado.

My wife took her love for a dirty martini one step further by adding olive oil into her shower regimen. Try Federic Fekkai’s Glossing Shampoo formulated with naturally derived olive oil extract revitalizing dull hair. I recommend this product for clients with very dry or curly hair.

Grapefruit plays a part in Redken’s Blonde Glam, a huge success in our salon. Keeping our blonde beauties from chlorine build up is no easy task while making a splash during the summer months. The grapefruit keeps color clarity and reinforces strength while adding dimensional shine a perfect solution to keeping our blondes bright and bodacious instead of murky and dull.

These are just a few examples of many hair products out there. And just so you can be on the look out for other natural products here are a few more beneficial edible ingredients: Hawaiian white ginger, chamomile, watercress, pineapple, pomegranate, grape seed and prunes. An arsenal of natural ingredients that is key in maintaining moisture, balance, shine and the integrity of our hair. Remember the next time you’re in the grocery store don’t just look at the ingredients for tonight’s dinner check out what’s on the hair menu!

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