Isaboo beats the heat this summer-keep your dogs cool!

Isaboo beats the heat by taking a mid day nap! How are your pets cooling off and taking it easy this summer? Here are some tips to make sure your dog does not get heat exhaustion:

  • Make sure they get lots of water and rest in this heat. Keep filling up that water bowl and take some with you if you plan on being out with your dog on a long adventure. Have you seen the portable dog water bowls? Cute!
  • Don’t walk them if they seem too tired or if it is too hot out. Instead, walk them in the morning and at night or take them on a shady path. If the sidewalk is hot, it will burn their little foot pads!
  • Short haired dogs can get sunburned so limit their time in the sun.
  • Don’t ever leave a dog alone in the car, especially when it is hot out and the windows are closed. This could be fatal.

Dogs are like children in many ways and to some of us, they are our children. So when in doubt, ask yourself, would I do this to a child (ie leave it in the car while I go shopping?)? If the answer is no, then don’t do it to a dog either!

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