Power Pooch Smoothies

I wanted to share this letter from a site visitor:

“I just tried your recipe for the Pooch/Human smoothie, and My Black Lab, Taylor and I love it. I did not, however, have an ice cube tray, so I used 3 oz. plastic bathroom cups. I lined them up in a jelly roll pan, filled each with the smoothie, froze for 3 – 4 hours, removed the cups and placed them in freezer zip lock bags. To remove the smoothie, gently (that is gently or it will fly out of the cup and onto the floor, but that never happened to me) squeeze the cup and the smoothie will come out, ready to enjoy. It is fast, delicious and quite convenient. Taylor is having her first smoothie right now; it is in the upper 80s today and she is loving it.

Just wanted to pass that along, and say THANKS!”

Karen Lauters

Stevens Point, WI

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