Green Gage Plums


This week, the berries and stone fruits are in season and as I walked through the Union Square Farmer’s Market, I could actually smell the fresh peaches in the air. It’s so hard to find a ripe and juicy sweet peach but for this short period of time, they are here.

The market also had all kinds of berries, including blues, rasps and blacks, as well as cherries of all colors and flavors, from sweet to sour. Apricots and nectarines were also available, and all locally grown!

Then I saw these new guys, or at least new to me, called Green Gage Plums. They are small plums, light yellow in color with a ruby reddish orange splash across the tops and sides. I bought a basket and oh, they were so good! Not too tart, not too sweet, but really flavorful and lovely. My kids like them as well-they are easier to manage than a full sized plum. They actually reminded me more of an apricot in size and texture, with the flavor of a plum. I wouldn’t monkey with these plums by cooking them-just eat them as a perfect summer snack!

Various cherries and green gage plums (far right)

What’s your favorite summer fruit?

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