Tahini Paste?

Mattie Says:

Rachael, I have never used tahini paste before. Is tahini paste, the same as what I saw in a can called, sesame tahini? I was trying to make the Falafel Burgers. When I shook the can it sound like a liquid not a paste. Could it have been the right thing?

Mattie: Yes tahini is ground sesame seeds.  When you shook it and it sounded like there was liquid what you heard was the oil shaking about. If you have ever purchased  a natural peanut butter from the supermarkets you would have noticed that it separates,  so does tahini.   All you have to do is stir it until it become a homogenized paste again and then use it however the recipe instructs you to.  The next time you use it don’t be surprised if you have to stir it up again.

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