The iphone

I was driving down 14th st in NYC last Friday and I noticed this scene:

It took me a minute to figure out why people were holding black sun umbrellas with apple logos and waiting in a line that was six blocks long. Then it dawned on me-the new and improved and 75% cheaper iphone was coming out that day. I understand the new phone is a heck of a lot cooler than the first version, with faster internet, searchability in the address book and much more but would you wait in line for this? In 90 degree weather? It’s a phone! A gadget! Not to mention, you could order it online and get it in a few days.

The oddest part of this story is that I returned to that same block on Monday and saw the same line. People were still lining up to get theirs three days later.

I have to hand it to Apple, they have really cornered the market with the all-in-one iphone. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was given an iphone for my birthday last August by my generous boss (the one and only you know who) and it truly is a thing of genius. My favorite part is that my phone, my email, my photos, a few videos, my music and now my Italian-English dictionary are all in one place. Still, I would not wait in line for the phone or any phone, would you?

Photo credit:Last Minute Lady’s iphone

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