What is arugula?


Greetings from Dublin, Ireland! Firstly, just to say I really enjoy the show – Rachael’s natural style of cooking has really inspired me.

As you know America and Europe sometimes use different names for the same thing. Can you tell me what the European equivalent of ‘arugula’ is? Is it the same thing as ‘rocket’? I wanted to make Rachael’s ‘smoked salmon pizza’ which calls for arugula.


Hilary McDonald.

Hi Hilary,

Indeed “rocket” in Europe is the same thing as “arugula” here in the USA. Sometimes you also see it spelled “rucola”, but either way it is the same, bittery green that can be used mized with lettuces in salads or as Rachael uses it, in her Smoked Salmon Pizza!

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-The Cooks

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