How do I prepare jicama?

Ruta Says:

I was wondering if anyone knows a different way of preparing jicama. I peel it like a raw potato and then cut it into sticks like french fries for the family to snack on. Also I would like to know the best way to check jicama for “ripeness?”

Hi Ruta: Jicama is good raw as you know but also can be cooked – treat it like a water chestnut and add it into a stir fry for a crunchy and sweet bite. Toss it in with sautéed string beans or asparagus. Add it raw to any kind of slaw, mac salad or potato salad – even a regular mixed greens benefits from jicama. Rather than dipping corn chips into guacamole try jicama. “Look for well-formed plump tubers. “ Choose medium sized jicama with smooth unblemished skins. Scratch the skin; it should be thin and the creamy flesh should be juice. Avoid shriveled or sticky jicamas with cracks or bruises. “ – from the Field Guide to Produce

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