Pete’s Tavern

Pete’s Tavern

It’s getting late in the evening. She wants a salad, I want something

else – something light, not Italian. In a city of thousands of

restaurants, how is this a difficult decision? There’s probably ten

options just on our square block! We head over to a local tavern in

the Gramercy area, Pete’s Tavern. Pardon my opinion, but if you take

me to a tavern, I’m getting a burger and it better be good. Yet I

veered away from the burger.

We didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into, but we knew

that they had a wide variety of food, from burgers to chicken

sandwiches to Italian dishes to…DUCKLING SPRING ROLLS? Why would a

local tavern have duckling spring rolls on the menu? More on that


We started with the boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings, which were listed

on the Specials page, but are actually featured on most nights. Not a

bad start at a Tavern, right? What a shocker. Here’s the low down: The

breading on the chicken fingers was not too heavy, but it had this

Buffalo spice already mixed into it, giving it slight heat. Then there

was this kooky combination of a mild Asian-like sauce that contrasted

the Buffalo-style heat in an odd way, yet we thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m going to be honest – if someone told me about that combo, I would

not try it. But I’m telling you: Try these wings.

To this day, I still can’t pinpoint the flavors, but they satisfied

our craving that night…and the next week! Continuing with our meal,

she got a Caesar salad, which she enjoyed (but could not take her mind

off of those wings) and I got the Duckling Spring Rolls

appetizer from the Specials page. I did my due diligence to see if

they were made in-house or if I was getting some frozen treat thrown

in an oven to reheat. To my surprise, they do make them in-house (and,

like the wings, they are available most nights, too). Sure enough,

they came out and had fresh shredded duck inside and a nice, thin

spring roll wrapper.

Again, I was shocked. I was also taken aback by the style in which

they cut them that took me back to my Four Seasons Hotel kitchen days;

ends cut off and cut through the middle on an angle. Pete’s, you’ve

done well.

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