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Hi, my name is Amy Pate. I’m 32 and i’m having my 2nd child in October.  I want to prepare meals before the baby is due and freeze them for easy dinners later.  I have tried searching your website and other recipe websites for that topic and can’t find anything.  If someone reads this could they reply and let me know some key words to search with?  I just subscribed to Everyday with Rachael Ray and just love the magazine.  I also watch the show on NBC and actually end up making a lot of the recipes she shows.  And end up making them over and over.  Gotta love that!

Amy Pate

Dear Amy,

Soups, stoups, choups and chilis freeze really well and tend to be on the healthy side.  You’ll need all the nutrients you can get since you’ll be chasing around two kids!  Also, lasagnas and pasta sauces freeze well too.  If  freeze the lasagna in a glass pan, let it come to room temp before you put it in the oven so the glass doesn’t crack.

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