Shhhh….Rach’s 40th b-day is coming up!

Shhh…Rach just left on another leg of her Rachael’s Vacation trip-for the next few weeks she is taping all over the west coast so maybe I can get away with her not seeing this post for a few days.  I know Rachael will see what I write here eventually, but she won’t see what YOU say just yet!  Rach’s 40th b-day is coming up next month and one of you guys sent in a great idea-why not let you, the fans, send her a birthday blog wish?  So post your messages here for Rach and on 8/25, I will “reveal” your good wishes for her and all the world to see!  So we’ll be giving Rach one big birthday card together!

So from now until 8/25, if you post a comment to this blog, you will see a message that says your comment is awaiting moderation-that just means we will keep them private until the big day and then we’ll surprise her with your heartfelt messages.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than with fond notes from friends.


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