Coloring those stubborn gray hairs!

I thought I would help you out with the science behind removing those stubborn grays… And who better to help than my dear friend Patrick McIvor a REDKEN artist and owner of the Patrick McIvor Color Studio in Bethlehem, PA (610) 882-1081. Here are some of the best ways to cover or blend the gray away.


This type of hair color is sometimes referred to as a vegetable color. It is the gentlest process to blend gray away. Semi-Permanent hair color is perfect for Blondes, Light Redheads or Brunettes that want a “highlighted” look to their hair. Your gray hair can look like natural highlights and it lasts up to 6-8 shampoos until it gently washes back to it’s natural gray.

Great for up to 25% gray.

Pros: Gentle, easy and easy to try.

Cons: Subtle in results, can’t lighten the hair.

Expertise: Easy


Very similar to Semi-Permanent hair color with better coverage and wearablitiy. Not only does it blend but it also covers the gray and will last up to 6-8 weeks. These colors are always mixed with a processing solution that activates the color.

Great for up to 50% gray

Pros: Gentle, easy, lasts up to 6-8 weeks, can blend and cover gray.

Cons: Can give a subtle growth line, only lightens the hair slightly or not at all.

Expertise: Easy to Pro


This is the solution when you want all the gray gone.  You have the option to lighten, darken or change the tone of your hair permanently. It’s always mixed with a developer. Because it is permanent, when looking to dramatically lighten your hair I suggest leaving it to the professionals.

Great for any percentage of gray.

Pro: Can make your hair lighter, darker, change the tone and cover your gray.

Con: Because it is permanent so are the mistakes.

Expertise: Easy to Pro


Highlights have a great camouflaging effect on gray hair. Highlights can be created with highlift blonde haircolor or lighteners/bleach and there are advantages to both.  Highlift Blonde hair color is a gentler process on the hair and has more tone in the color. Lightens/bleach can give the hair a very light highlighting effect but can also damage the hair when used improperly. The beauty of highlighting is we can go lighter, darker, more natural or dimensional depending on your desired look.

Great to make up to 50% gray look like a fabulous blonde

Pros: Grows out gently, makes you blonde and less gray

Cons: Watch you don’t go to light or you can look like a powdered donut.

Expertise: Unless you want highlights that are barely there you might want to leave this to the pros.

So there you have it no more excuses for those stubborn grays!

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