How much is too much?

Swimming, soccer, dance, ballet, gymnastics, skating, skiing, riding, baseball, hockey, sailing, piano, golf…….I am exhausted just writing this list, much less doing it. These are the activities my 3 kids are cumulatively interested in, but of course they can’t do them all. So as a parent, how do you expose your kids to activities to see if they like them, and hopefully hit on one or two that will be lifelong pursuits, without overdoing it? What if my son is a budding Tiger Woods and we’ll never know if I don’t get him signed up for golf lessons?

I have had good luck so far with my 2 daughters (ages 6 and 8 now) as far as only doing two activities at a time. That has meant piano all year round for my 8 year old, with soccer in the fall, skating in the winter, and swimming in the summer. Now she wants to continue with other activities that might bump the count up to three at one time – I am tempted to do it, my husband disagrees. I have read all of the articles about today’s over-scheduled kids and how they need more down-time, but what if your kid desperately wants to participate in the activities? What do you think? How much is too much? 

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