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Baking A Cake Is As Easy As 1,2,3,4

What fun it is to bake a cake with your kids for someone’s birthday or another special occassion.  It’s so easy if you use a recipe, such as the 1, 2, 3, 4 Cake that Alessandra Fernandez sent to us in our Family Heirloom section, or any simple cake recipe.  If you must turn to the box, we won’t tell, afterall, most of the enjoyment happens while making the actual cake, even if you get a little help!  Getting kids comfotable in the kitchen is the important thing here, and watching their faces light up when they help to deliver that special cake to that special someone is priceless.

Kids can really help with the cake making process-even at a young age, they can do everything from crack the eggs, measure the ingredients, gather the various ingredients, stir everything up and pour into cake pans. As long as they stay away from the hot oven, the worst thing they will do is make a big mess, and they probably will be pretty good at that.

There is a great website we like that has over 100 fun cake molds called Novelty Shaped Pans and they have everything from an elephant-shaped cake pan to a monkey to a football to a tiara!

If you really want to get fancy, you can even use a fun cake mold and come up with some unique shapes, like this Bug Cake mold from Williams Sonoma (see above photo) or their Beehive Cake pan-how cute!

Another fun way of making your cake stand apart is to add a touch of food coloring to the batter, and then of course a different color to the frosting.  So for instance, if you make a lemon cake, you could add yellow food coloring to the batter and make the frosting pink for fun!  Kids love the whole idea of coloring foods and mixing colors and food coloring is a safe way to give them that enjoyment.

Or you could mix your white frosting and divide it into separate bowls and color them each a different color so you can have a multi colored cake (see above ).

The easiest basic Vanilla Frosting recipe calls for confectioner’s sugar and butter, but you could jazz it up a little by making a cream cheese frosting instead.  Both, incidentally, hold color very well!

So on your next special occassion, try your hand at baking…it’s an easy way to show someone you care and have fun along the way!

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