Isaboo enjoys a Sunday in the sun

Whoever said pitbulls were tough must not have met Isaboo.

Here she is getting a kiss from 5-year old Anna. She loves little kids and especially likes to lick the toes of little babies!

Isaboo had loads of fun visiting her friends today and the kids ran her ragged. So much so that when she went to eat her dinner, she threw up soon after. We’re not sure if she’s coming down with something or just has a little upset stomach from all the running and playing, but if this happens to your dog, keep an eye on them so they don’t dehydrate, especially in this heat. Give them nothing for a short period so they can recuperate for a little while and watch to see that they don’t throw up again, which may be the sign of illness.

Luckily for us, Isaboo did not throw up again and after a brief rest was running around once again and having fun with the kids.

Don’t eat that hot pepper plant Izzy!

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