Rice Wine Vinegar?

Dear “Cooks,”

I have been seeing more and more recipes asking for rice wine vinegar. I cannot find it – even in a Japanese grocer. I am confused as to the differences of “rice wine vinegar”, “rice vinegar”, “murin” and “sake” for cooking. Can you please let me know which can be used without affecting the outcome?? I would appreciate any info/suggestions that you have………………..thank you,


Dear Sue,

Rice vinegar, rice wine vinegar and sake are all different things and mostly can be interchanged, depending on what you are making.  Rice vinegar is made from fermented rice while rice wine vinegar is made from rice wine and sake is an alcohol.  The two vinegars are pretty mild, although you can get Chinese and Japanese versions and you can get red, clear (white) or black types.

If you have a marinade or salad dressing recipe that calls for one of these, you can definitely go with what you find in your local store and don’t sweat it if it isn’t a perfect match to your recipe.  However, these are all so mild that you might want to experiment if you get the chance, to see which one works best for you.  if you can’t find any of these, you can use white vinegar in a pinch.

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