Hair color 911…continued!

Wow! Obviously color is a hot topic by the responses we’ve received.

So, clearly there are some “color 911” questions that need to be addressed! Before we delve into them, I strongly recommend that the best way to achieve sexy healthy hair is to see a salon professional.

PROBLEM:  I made my hair too dark

SOLUTION:  Don’t panic!

Use dishwashing liquid (not dishwasher soap) to shampoo your hair as soon as possible after coloring. “The sooner the better”. You can shampoo a few times in a row depending on how dark with extreme darkness:  sleep overnight with baby oil on your hair and add oil to shampoo several times the next morning.  First add the shampoo to the oil and emulsify, before adding the water to lather. You must follow up with a deep conditioning treatment (I recommend REDKEN’S Extreme Rescue Force fortifying treatment) because after all the shampooing you’re hair will dry out from removing the color.

REMEMBER:  Don’t try to apply a lighter color thinking it will lighten the hair. Color on color just makes it darker.

NOTE:  When doing hair color at home, stay close to your natural color.

PROBLEM:  My blonde highlights are too brassy

SOLUTION:  To counteract brassy tones use a violet-based shampoo such as Shimmer Lights by Clairol or White Violet by Artec. Both have violet tones that will neutralize the warmth.  Follow up with REDKEN’S Pure Pearl conditioner, which also has a violet base while it deep conditions.

NOTE:  For maintenance alternate with a moisturizing shampoo.

PROBLEM:  My highlights are too white!

SOLUTION:  You need to add warmth. Today you find many “color shampoos” to warm the hair.  Look for “warm or gold tones” on the label. i.e. Sunflower by Artec.

This is when you need to go and see a professional for a glaze it’s inexpensive and not time consuming. Otherwise, look for a gold toned color enhancing shampoos and conditioners.

NOTE: For more warmth use “golden blonde”

For a more neutral tone use “beige blonde”

PROBLEM:  My hair is breaking off, (known as a chemical hair cut in our industry) from too many highlights and over coloring

SOLUTION:  Although hair can be cosmetically improved with the right products it’s critical to get a haircut to remove the damaged ends. Breakage means your hair has lost strength. Treating your hair with protein will strengthen and fortify your hair’s condition, as it needs to be rebuilt from the inside.  And for future prevention use the Cutler protectant treatment spray as a protective barrier and treatment solution.

NOTE: Some key ingredients to look for are; PROTEIN, CERAMIDES and NATURAL LIPIDS.

Protein penetrates deep into the core of the hair helping build internal strength.

Ceramides enter the cuticle layer to reinforce the structure and helps repair damaged areas.

Natural Lipids help resurface the hair leaving the cuticle shiny, smooth and protected.

PROBLEM:  I want to color my hair with henna


Henna is a vibrant color that coats the hair thereby giving it lots of shine.  It even helps reduce dandruff.  True henna is natural however many product companies add other ingredients, which contain metallic salts.  This becomes a huge problem when it interacts with the ammonia activator in synthetic hair dyes. If you’ve colored your hair with such a type of henna and you had previously used chemical dyes or try to use them after henna, your hair could turn green. Removing henna is nearly impossible.

NOTE:  We absolutely insist on you seeing a professional! But, if you are stubborn and insistent on doing it yourself you can remove some of the coating by:

1.    Using 70% alcohol with sterile cotton pads to saturate the hair (avoid the scalp area).

2.    After 10 minutes, add a coat of mineral oil.

3.    Cover head with plastic cap.

4.    Heat with blow dryer for 30 to 40 minutes.

5.    To remove oil, apply clarifying shampoo to oil and pat with the oil before adding the water to lather.

6.    Shampoo several times.

7.    Deep condition.

8.    You won’t remove the henna entirely, but over time it will grow out.

So if you’re completely confused and distraught from you hair catastrophes check out Johanna Stella who was kind enough to give us these tips from our very own Cutler Miami South Beach salon.

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