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There actually is a science to laundry – follow these guidelines and you should be safe from pink socks and shrunken shirts:

1) Separate your whites from your colors, and light colors from dark. I have 3 bins in my laundry room so I sort it as I go which saves time on laundry day – it’s already sorted. You can also separate clothes that produce lint (ie fleece items, towels, chenille) from clothes that attract lint (ie, velvet and corduroy). Make a separate pile for delicates and wash separately.

2) Look for stains and pre-treat with your detergent or a specific stain remover.

3) Close all zippers and empty pockets – especially tissues, which will shred and be dispersed throughout your entire load of laundry.

4) Put your detergent in the washer, select the size load and cycle, and water temperature (start the washer and let it fill with water before adding clothes so the detergent is dissolved if a powder or evenly distributed if a liquid):

Water temperature guidelines:

– Use a cold rinse to save energy

– Use cold water for colors to keep from fading and to avoid shrinking

– Use warm or hot water on cottons and whites (warm/hot water keeps whites bright)

5) Dry clothes according to the label’s instructions – medium setting is safest – or use a clothesline and save some energy.

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