Fried Zucchini Flowers

I picked up some beautiful zucchini flowers at the farmer’s market near my apartment this past weekend.  You probably have them growing in your yard like crazy if you have a zucchini patch.  So I cooked up this new recipe:

  • I stuck a cube of sheep’s milk mozzarella inside each flower(this was a treat I also found at the market-regular mozz will work too)
  • Then I dredged each flower in white flour,
  • then in a bowl of beaten egg and a splash of water
  • then in a cornmeal/breadcrumb mixture to which I added lemon zest and poppy seeds

I fried them in grapeseed oil (or use any good vegetable oil) over medium heat and when they browned, I put them on a plate with paper towel so they could drain for a few seconds.  I sprinkled fennel salt and pepper on the flowers and squirted lemon juice.  We ate them hot and in seconds flat-they are so delicious, easy, fast and they don’t taste anything like zucchini!

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture!  Next time.

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